US Stock MarketU.S. stocks today opened low with the investor sector mirrored in the stock values. The movement could take another shift with the data that is yet to be released today from the U.S. service sector. The bond purchasing in the U.S is causing a huge rift of doubt and uncertainty.

However, the stocks in Europe had a huge crash today, in other words they dropped really hard. The fall of stocks was triggered after the European Commission completely separated itself from the euro zone growth. Also, possible rate cuts by the European Central Bank (ECB) didn’t bother the investors concerns.

Around Asia stocks were mixed in today’s trading sessions. Most countries in Asia had low trading and only Australia kept its current rate which was a result of the decision undertaken by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Coca cola has proven to be a hot asset ever since its origin. Today, it is in the main focus as it is releasing its quarterly earnings. However, it should not create a stir as when the main brand results were issued late last month. It should portray some good movement which for binary options will be awesome.

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