We extend a very warm welcome to all visitors of our Top Poker Sites website, and realize that some visitors may have concerns regarding their privacy when visiting our site, and as such we would like to present to you our privacy policy regarding the use of our site.

We should start by informing you that you need to be of an age to gamble legally in your own current locality to access our site or to play at any poker site listed with in it, and it is your responsibility to check that you are of the legal age.

Privacy Policy – Personal Information

Our Top Poker Sites website is completely free of charge to use, and you are not under any obligation to sign up or log in to use any part of it, and as such you can view it at any time you please.

Should in the future we decide to make any part of this Top Poker Sites website a restricted site, then we may require you to sign up or register to use it, and should this situation arise we will of course update this privacy policy page accordingly.

Privacy Policy – Sharing Your Information

The only time we will have any form of information regarding yourself is when you choose to contact us via e-mail, our contact details are found on the Contact Us section of this website.

Should you get in touch with us please be aware that the only time we will use your e-mail address is to reply to you, and at no time will we sell or distribute your e-mail address.

You will find links within our website to external, third party websites, and we should point out that we do not have any control what so ever over these third party sites, and as such you should check that particular sites privacy policy.

Privacy Policy – Generic Information

We do however collect generic information regarding visitors to this Top Poker Sites website, and this information is the type of browser you are using, the version of the browser, along with the operating system and language used on this operating system.

The reason we collect this information is solely to enable us to provide as wide a service as possible and to analyze this data to see where our website visitors are based and the systems used to view our site, in the hope of us being able to enhance your viewing pleasure, and add additional languages to our articles and web pages.

Privacy Policy – Changes

This privacy policy section of the Top Poker Sites website will be updated whenever we have made any changes what so ever to our privacy policy.

Contact Us

We have our contact details listed on our Contact Us page, should you have any questions or quires then please get in touch. The terms of use of our website can of course be found in the relevant section, please follow the links for additional information.