SkrillIf you are a Canada based online poker player who has been using the services of Skrill the online web wallet which formerly went by the name of Moneybookers, then we have some very important news to pass on to you!

As of January of 2014 you will no longer be able to use the services of Skrill if you are a resident of Canada, and as such if you have any funds tied up in your Skrill online web wallet then you really should be pulling them out right now!

There have been no reasons given for why Skrill have opted to cease servicing all Canada based customers, however, do not be too alarmed if you are from any other countries that Skrill offers their web wallet services to for they are not going to be going out of business any time soon and are very well run and operated and in fact have recently been given the green light by US Gambling Regulators to provide their services to the recently regulated online gambling sites licensed in jurisdictions such as Las Vegas.

You do of course have a number of other online money transfer services available to you if you are an online poker player living or residing in Canada, so if you are going to be affected by Skrill pulling out of Canada then you really should start immediately looking around for another way and method of moving your online poker playing budget to and from online poker sites.

The most cost effective way for online poker players living in Canada to send money into and receive winning payouts from any online poker site is by using a Bank Transfer, however with many players preferring to keep their poker playing bankrolls separate and segregated from their day to day bank accounts then do consider using one of the other readily available web wallets that are on offer.

Should we find out the exact reason for Skrill opting to pull the plug on all of their many Canada based customers then we will of course keep you fully updated via our regular poker news and information updates!

There are plenty of online poker sites by the way that accept and allow Canada based poker players and as such it may pay dividends for you to contact the poker sites you frequent regularly and ask their customer support teams what other available banking options they would recommend you use.

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