The beauty of playing poker at any of the online poker sites listed within our website is that they all will offer what are known as freeroll poker tournaments.

This is a great way for all our Canadian based website visitors to play poker online, at no risk what so ever to their own funds, yet still have the very real chance of walking away with some real money winnings.

How a freeroll poker tournament works is relatively straight forward, however you will be required to be a member of the poker site at which the freeroll poker tournament is offered to take part in them.

So try and sign up to as many of our showcased Canadian poker sites as possible to get the best winning chances and opportunities.

How Freeroll Poker Tournaments Work

When you log into any of our showcased Canadian poker sites, then you will find a tournament tab or a tournament schedule, this is where that particular site will list all of their up and coming poker tournaments.

Scroll through this list until you come across the freeroll tournaments, and each one listed with have both a registration time frame along with details of when the poker tournament starts and ends.

You need to register to take part in these free rolls and you must do this within the time scale indicated. Once you have registered then you simply need to be online when the tournaments begins.

You will then be allocated a seat in the tournament and will also be issued with a stack of tournament chips. You can then start to play once the tournament has begun.

The idea of the tournament is to simply win your way onto one of the positions on the freeroll tournaments prize paying leader board, which is visible on the screen.

It is worth pointing out that only a small amount of players will win a cash prize, and there are often a huge number of fellow players taking part, so the odds of you winning may seem large, but these freeroll tournaments are a great way to play poker for free and still have a chance of winning real money.

So should you have a limited bankroll or have spent your current poker bankroll then seriously consider entering these freeroll poker tournaments, of which all of our showcased poker sites offer.

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